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By Michael Washington on 12/14/2009 6:29 AM

We haven't added much lately. The reason is that Silverlight 4 will add most of the additional things we wanted to add. The main thing that SilverlightDesktop provides is "injecting modules into movable re-sizable windows with drag and drop between them" is still valid and the current program does that.

It also does that with a small amount of code. We decided not to implement the code to make the windows look better because it would have doubled the code base.

At this point we believe that SilverlightDesktop provides a useful resource in a small package.

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By Michael Washington on 10/10/2009 4:52 AM

In the spirit of Open Source, community member Riccardo has provided a VB.NET version of SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke. You can get it on the download page.

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By Michael Washington on 9/29/2009 4:36 AM


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By Michael Washington on 8/5/2009 8:38 PM

Finally both versions of SilverlightDesktop have been upgraded to Silverlight 3.0  The most important thing was that you no longer have to edit the web.config to install it in DNN4 :)

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By Michael Washington on 8/2/2009 4:18 PM

Silverlight Desktop 01.95.00 has been posted to the download page. No new features were added. it was just upgraded to Silverlight 3.0. The SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke still needs to be upgraded and hopefully will be next weekend.

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By Michael Washington on 7/12/2009 10:28 AM

As I mentioned in an earlier Blog we are in the process of updating the Windows in SilverlightDesktop using an example created by Tim Heuer.

The good news is we have created a proof of concept that demonstrates the functionality of the current Windows using the new Windows. The most import feature is the "Drag and Drop".

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By Michael Washington on 7/11/2009 5:44 AM

SilverlightDesktop is really about the Windows. Yes, months have been spent making a full API that borrows much of what has proved successful for DotNetNuke (like the ability to make modules and easily install and upgrade them), it's the movable windows that draw most people to the project.

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By Michael Washington on 7/10/2009 5:30 PM

We upgraded the Source on CodePlex to Silverlight 3.0. We are actively working on the SilverlightBridge part and this weekend we will be working on upgrading the Windows (this may take some time because the Windows are more complicated than it may seem).< Read More »

By Michael Washington on 4/10/2009 4:20 AM

We plan to make a release in July or August. The reason for the delay is that we want to use Silverlight 3. The ideas we are working on is using the out of browser experience and the desktop communication features.

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By Michael Washington on 3/3/2009 5:18 AM

I am at the Microsoft MVP Summit. Mohammad Azam interviewed me for his site High on Coding about SilverlightDesktop.

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