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Sep 5

Written by: Michael Washington
9/5/2008 5:42 AM

SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke has been released. This version of SilverlightDesktop uses the exact same Silverlight core project as the stand-alone version of SilverlightDesktop.net.

Each instance of SilverlightDesktop has it's own Settings.

Settings provide the option to display the normal SilverlightDesktop interface or a single module by selecting it in the AutoLoad drop-down.

Portal administrators are provided endless configuration possibilities.

  • You can see the features of SilverlightDesktop at this link
  • You can download SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke at this link
  • You can download modules for SilverlightDesktop at this link
  • You can read documentation to make SilverlightDesktop modules at this link.


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