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Last Updated Aug 2009
Installing or upgrading SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke4

The procedure to install and upgrade SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke is the exactly the same.

To run SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNukeÔ you need:


  •  The module supports multiple portals but does not support the DotNetNuke object qualifier setting in the web.config.
  • The module will only work on a DotNetNuke installation that uses a database connection with a user that has .dbo (database owner) rights (many shared hosting sites do not have this).

The following describes the process to install or upgrade SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke in DotNetNuke version 4

1) Obtain the latest SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke from: http://SilverlightDesktop.net

2) Log in as the host account and select Module Definitions from the Host menu.

From the Module Definitions menu, select Install New Module.

3) Select the file using the Browse button, then click the Install New Module link.

4) The module will install. Click the Return link.

5) Create a new page or navigate to an existing one and select Silverlight Desktop from the Module drop-down. Click the Add link to add it to the page.

6) The module will appear.

Note: in IIS you will also need to set the MIME Type: Setting .xap MIME Type for Silverlight 2.0

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