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SilverlightDesktop Features

SilverlightDesktop provides a framework for deploying Silverlight applications in a familiar windows desktop that runs in a user's web browser using Silverlight

The framework can be extended by uploading modules you create or download

The framework maintains user security in a simple user table that allows easy integration into an existing web application

SilverlightDesktop contains a password protected administration section that allows you to configure options such as allowed password attempts and email settings

A user manager allows you to create and edit users as well as set their role and active status.

Module settings allow you to configure modules you create or upload. You can find modules to upload on the SilverlightDesktop.net website.

Multiple Desktop instances can be created and configured. The AutoLoad module feature allows a single module to be shown without the movable resizable window.

The application log provides administrators with an overview of the application events


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