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SilverlightDesktop modules are available in two versions:

  • Stand-alone (for use with the non-DotNetNuke version of Silverlight Desktop)
  • DotNetNuke (for use with the DotNetNuke version of Silverlight Desktop).

The modules can only be used on the Silverlight Desktop version that they support.

Note: All Module submissions must place their webservice code in .cs files not assemblies. This will allow users to review the code used in the web service. The Silverlight Project source code does not need to be provided because it runs in a "sandboxed" environment.

SilverlightDesktop Modules
SilverlightNotepad 02.00.00


A web based notepad. Module allows users to save their own information on the server.

see: Intermediate Level - Creating a "Silverlight Notepad" module for a tutorial on creating this module.

File size 15 K
Downloads 236
Date Thu 10/16/2008 @ 08:10
Author Michael Washington

Silverlight Email 01.00.00


Allows users to send emails.  SMTP settings must be configured in Administration.

File size 11 K
Downloads 278
Date Mon 09/08/2008 @ 06:42
Author Thomas J Capps

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